Keeping Good Customers Around Longer

Attracting potential consumers is only half the battle. If you want to achieve sustainable growth - you have to be able to keep them around.

Obviously, this can only happen if you have a great product, but that isn't enough. You also need content that helps customers get the most from your offerings.
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"It's a true rarity to find a company like Conversion Media who actually delivers when it comes to ROI.

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Kyle Courtright, Founder of LogoWave

What Our Retain Solution Means For Your Business

Onboard Customers More Effectively

Customers that aren't onboarded correctly churn at much higher rates than typical customers, and may not even make it past a trial.

With written guides, email tutorials, and helpful microcopy, we're able to help customers get the most from your offering.
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Reduce Customer Support Inquiries

When customers have trouble with your product or service, they'll start looking for answers. That often means pestering your support team with an abundance of tickets or chat messages.

By investing in comprehensive knowledge bases, in-depth tutorials, and other assets that help customers to learn how your offering works, and extract the most value from it, your customers will be able to answer many of their questions on their own.
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Increase Lifetime Customer Value

Acquiring a new customer costs roughly seven times as much as retaining an existing customer. Companies that solve this, achieving low churn, reap the benefits in increased revenue growth and profitability.

This is the end goal of our retain offering. If you're ready to combat customer churn and retain customers longer, let's talk.
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