274% Traffic Growth with High-Quality Link Building for Upflow, a Fintech SaaS

In June of 2022, Upflow approached Conversion Media with a desire to increase U.S. traffic to their website with high-quality link building. Our team of SEO experts helped them to achieve just that. With our targeted, outreach-based link building strategies, we were well-equipped to help Upflow achieve their goals.

In this case study, we'll take a closer look at the challenges and opportunities of Upflow’s situation, and how we’ve helped them dramatically expand their organic traffic.

The Client

Upflow is a fintech company dedicated to helping businesses manage their accounts receivable with powerful, intuitive software. Their platform automates and simplifies accounts receivable workflows with a suite of powerful features, such as:

By June 2022, Upflow had already made a name for themselves in the European market. But their U.S. expansion wasn’t producing the results they had hoped for. In an effort to improve rankings, Upflow decided they needed more high-quality links from U.S.-based publishers. That’s where we came in.

The Plan

Lucile, a Demand Generation Lead at Upflow, approached Conversion Media with four goals in mind:

  1. Build more high quality links
  2. Achieve higher organic search traffic in the U.S.
  3. Increase organic search rankings overall
  4. Balance premium placements on high-authority sites with standard link placements

Our team set up a clear plan of action to achieve those goals, starting with better link building.

Our Link Quality Standards

At Conversion Media, we have high standards for every link we build for clients. At minimum, we only build links from websites that have:

All links must also be placed on a real website — not a PBN (private blog network) or link farm. In addition, we only negotiate link placements within content that’s relevant to the client’s niche.

We don’t keep building links on the same sites, either. Instead, we focus on increasing the number of referring domains (unique websites linking to the client), which is key to achieving greater authority for the client’s site.

Thoughtful Outreach

Our approach to link building is outreach-based, meaning we reach out to publishers on the client’s behalf to build relationships and negotiate placements. With this approach, there is some risk of damaging the band’s reputation — the last thing you want is an SEO agency making you look bad (or misrepresenting you) with poorly executed outreach.

For this reason, we put far more effort into customizing our outreach than most firms. Most link building emails are sent with little awareness of the receiver, their audience, or their business model. This can create a negative perception of your brand and isn’t very effective.

When a prospect can tell you know who you’re talking to, and you’re delivering targeted value that’s relevant to their audience, you get more positive responses. This is how we’re able to secure placements with fewer emails than other agencies, as well as present a more positive brand impression.

This is why we take the time to understand our clients and their audience before anything else. We then put in the effort to research every publication we reach out to so we can present a clear, personalized request. By doing so, we maintain the reputation of our client and build links in a way that aligns with their values and goals.

The Execution

In the nine months since we started, our team at Conversion Media consistently built high-quality backlinks for Upflow as part of a comprehensive link building campaign. We stuck to our strict link quality standards, building placements over time through customized outreach.

So far, we’ve taken 55 links live for Upflow.io — with an average Ahrefs domain rating of 52. Some notable domains we scored links from include:

The results were exactly what Upflow needed to achieve their goals.

The Results

Organic traffic results during our campaign with Upflow, compared with the previous nine months

In a short time, our link building efforts had a significant impact on Upflow’s business. Our combined efforts have produced tangible positive results, in the form of:

These results don’t stop there. Since then, we’ve continued building links for Upflow and improving their ability to rank with the same consistent strategy.

Grow Your Organic Traffic With Conversion Media

Upflow is just one example of how Conversion Media's link building services help businesses like yours drive organic traffic, improve search engine rankings, and generate more leads. Our team uses a combination of focused strategy and highly customized outreach to build links that increase your site’s authority, and drive value for your business.

No single link building strategy works for every company. Once we start a link building campaign, we watch our metrics closely to ensure our strategy is actually producing results. If necessary, we’ll pivot our strategy to ensure we’re hitting targets for our clients.

Next to content quality, backlinks are the most important ranking factor for search engines. Make sure your backlink profile is truly helping your business grow. Contact Conversion Media today to turn organic search into a powerful, revenue-generating marketing channel.

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