How We Grew Pew Pew Tactical's Traffic by 1,000,000 Monthly Visitors

When Pew Pew Tactical first came to us in December 2017, they had done 600,000 organic visitors the month previous, worth an estimated $160,000.

After working with us for a little over a year, they had grown to average 1,723,056 visitors per month, worth over $600,000. This represents a 287% increase in traffic, and an extra $440,000 in monthly traffic value.

So, here's how we did it...

Doubling Down on Intelligent Content Production

One of the most important changes made during this time period was the introduction of a new editor, which has allowed PPT to publish more content than ever before based on our analysis of which keywords would be most likely to provide a solid ROI.

Combined with our other efforts, this is working very well to make them a dominant player in their industry.

Scholarship Links

Because PPT was offering a $1,000 scholarship to students who could come up with the most innovative gun law reforms, we were able to reach out to colleges and universities to be included in their lists of publicly available scholarships. This generated very high-value .edu links from authoritative websites, which has helped to increase the perceived authority of the PPT domain.

Industry Guest Posts

Like nearly all campaigns, we reached out to other industry blogs to secure guest posts on their sites. From just one mail merge we were able to secure 15 separate opportunities that met the client’s standards, which kept the content team busy for several weeks.

Reverse Engineering Competitors

One way to find potential link opportunities is to take a deep-dive into the links your competitors already have. In this case, we were able to do that with a few competitors that had deleted some of their previous content or had gone downhill in terms of editorial quality, convincing the same people that linked to them to link to our site instead.

Social Traffic

In recent months, we’ve found great success in driving traffic to this particular site by posting their content to Reddit and engaging in discussions there. This isn’t strictly link building, but it does help to drive referral traffic when there are already active communities around the topic that don’t mind outside links being posted, plus we believe that social signals are likely a part of Google’s algorithm now, from anecdotal evidence.

Capturing Featured Snippets With On-Page Optimization

Featured Snippets, which are sections of information Google pulls directly into the search results, command a lot of the organic traffic for the queries in which they appear. PPT ranks #1 for a lot of terms where they don’t hold the featured snippet, meaning they were missing out on a lot of traffic. Over the course of several month, we modified their existing content, making HMTL title tag and ordered list changes, tuning page titles to suit search intent, and more to help them win more featured snippet boxes.

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